Minutes CSE-E February 24, 2023

Main outcomes


The TF1 (accident frequency rate) for January was 1.58, as a reminder, the 2023 target should be below 1.
It is recalled that the number of accidents (1 motorbike accident) are mainly due to the fact that employees do not respect the floor markings in the car parks, leading to slipping and causing accidents.

Health Service Accreditation

The training of the nursing staff is not assured (1 specific training in occupational medicine per nurse)

During the last approval, the DREETS asked Airbus to look into the merger of the two health services SAS and OPS. Indeed, the doctors can only follow the employees of their affiliated entity (although the SAS employees are located in St Martin, they can only be followed by SAS doctors).
Airbus has obtained a first feedback from the DREETS which grants a temporary approval for 2 years subject to compliance on 3 points:

1 – Training of nursing staff not assured (1 specific training in occupational medicine per nurse)

Nursing ressources do not allow responding to medical follow-up procedures. 8 nurses are missing. Airbus must demonstrate that nurses do prevention and not just treatment. There is no hiring commitment but “attention to the workforce”.

2 – The FISH tool is not effective

3 – Although there is a difference in workload, doctors claim that it will never be equal because tertiary workers do not have the same monitoring obligations. There has not yet been a decision.

The CFDT has previously stated that the single approval should not result in the elimination of the third doctor position at SAS. The doctor who was in charge of the position left as part of Odyssey, and his departure must be taken into account during a following extraordinary CSE-E.

Information on the progress of Covid hours (Airbus SAS)

Employees were not permitted to work while being paid during COVID in 2020 (from March 23 to April 5). By no later than June 30, 2023, these hours or days must be made up.

78 employees, including 88% of managers, are concerned about a volume of 888 hours (460 people in October, 4275 hours last October).
There are three methods to recover hours:

1 – hours worked

2 – use of vacation days

3 – monthly direct debit reimbursement

In the absence of which, a salary deduction will be applied to the payroll for July 2023. April 21 through May 12 will see a last redemption campaign.

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