Summary of the last CSE-E on October 28th

Commercial situation

The 2022 target is 700 aircraft delivered by the end of the year.

Health security


The FR1 is currently at 1.08 (as a reminder, the 2022 target is set at 0.50). A very important issue therefore remains.


The medical service no longer monitors Covid cases.

Flu vaccination campaign:

Vaccination has been possible for people at risk since October 18, while for the general population, the vaccination campaign will start on November 7. Appointments can be made on the Hub:

Information / consultation – Modification of the rules of procedure

The CSE was consulted on a draft amendment to the provisions of the Internal Regulations.

These changes are necessary because of (1) a change in the law or (2) introduced at the discretion of management.

1/ Changes to legal provisions resulting in changes to the rules of procedure

  • Article 4: modifications resulting from the law strengthening occupational health prevention of August 2, 2021 (entry into force March 31, 2022):
    • pre recovery visit (art.L.4624-2-4)
    • liaison appointments recently set up by the legislator follow sickness absence of more than 30 days (art. L1226-1-3)
    • mandatory follow-up visits for any work stoppage (art. R4624-31)
    • mandatory mid-career visit (art. L4624-2-2 l)
  • Article 6: Introduction of the provisions of article 621-1 of the Penal Code (sexist insults)
  • Article 7: Prohibition of moral harassment:
    • Introduction of the reference to articles L 1152-1 to L1152-6 of the labor code – amended by the law of March 21, 2022 aimed at improving the protection of whistleblowers (in force on September 1, 2022) +
    • addition of criminal penalties for moral harassment (art 222-33-2 of the penal code)
  • Article 8: Prohibition of sexual harassment: clarification of the definition, support for employees, introduction of penal sanctions (article 222-33 of the penal code).
  • Article 9: Moral and sexual harassment. Insertion of legal actions as well as criminal sanctions attached to discrimination following harassment.
  •  Article 20 added on whistleblower protection systems.

2/ Modifications introduced independently of any legal obligation.

  • Prohibition of multimedia devices (previously there was mention of walkmans)
  • Article 3.3: Alcohol and illicit substances
    • Reminder of situations that may give rise to an inspection.
    • Accuracy: test in the event of an accident.
    • Precision on the methods of controls.
    • Rate in force for the blood alcohol level = rate retained will be that of road safety.
    • Narcotic screening will be done with an approved device (saliva sample).

Unanimous vote: all the elected members of the CSE followed the CHSCT-ET recommendation (abstention due to imprecision in the wording on the triggering of narcotics control tests) and abstained.

Value Sharing Bonus (formerly Macron Bonus) PPV

The payment of the 1,500 euro bonus is part of the PPV system defined by the law of August 16, 2022 on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power. We have had confirmation today that regardless of the start date of the employment contract, this bonus would be applicable to all, including employees on suspension of the employment contract (sick leave, maternity, paternity, DCAA). The CFDT welcomes the decision of the Management to apply this bonus to temporary workers.

Fixed ACT/RTT days 2023

As a reminder, all fixed ACT/RTT days must be entered by the employee in MyHR. In 2023, these days will be positioned:

  • January 2
  • August 14
  • December 26, 27,28, 29

Increase in the price of foodstuffs and consequences on prices in restaurants

There was a 9.95% increase in food prices, since April, this increase was supported by management. From November 1 in Elior restaurants and November 7 in Sodexo restaurants, this will remain the case for “Menu Malin”. For the rest, increases in the price will be borne up to 50% by the company, the rest will be borne by the guest.

The average ticket price is €5.80 -> average increase of 28 cents.

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